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Events 2019/2020

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Take a look at our new events brochure and start planning your NCOP events for next year. We have mapped our events against the Gatsby Benchmarks and our Progression Framework. This should help you to meet your responsibilities of providing careers guidance as well as raising aspirations, improving academic attainment and increasing access to higher education.


Aimhigher Plus Progression Framework

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Our Progression Framework is designed to give structure to our existing Aimhigher Plus offer and identify learning outcomes. The Progression Framework is split into three important phases which are designed to support the development of learners’ motivations, knowledge and experiences of higher education. These phases are: Exploring, Progressing and Affirming and provide learning outcomes mapped against the Aimhigher 5As of access to higher education: Aspiration, Awareness, Attainment, Application and Access.


Guidance Notes

Please visit our activities page to view events that are currently available. By typing in your school or college name you will gain full access to the opportunities that your students are eligible to take part in. Before registering your interest or booking places, please ensure that you have identified key event details including the location, running times and any other requirements. Please see our cancellation policy and staff guidelines which you are committing to by booking our services.

Talks and Workshops

Aimhigher can deliver talk and workshops in your school or college. Please download the booklet and email to book.


Photography Consent

Photographs and videos may be taken at Aimhigher events and activities. If you do not wish to have your image used on our website/social media please email us at