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Moving from Primary to Secondary school is a big step.  Many children feel ready for and relish the opportunity.  Some are  anxious and uncertain about the changes to come.  Every year around 500,000 11 year olds make this move up to “big school”.  A wealth of evidence from national studies suggests that, for some children from less advantaged backgrounds, the transition can mark the start of a downward turn in their progression journey, and the point at which they begin to fall behind their more socially advantaged peers.

Primary and secondary schools are investing time and funding to smooth the transition, and research by the Education Endowment Fund has identified a range of effective interventions that can help.  Aspiration raising through higher education outreach is one such activity.

Aimhigher West Midlands is keen to support this vital work and have created a suite of free, fun and interactive games to support year 6 children with their transition. Each online game gently introduces the exciting changes that pupils will face when they embark on their journey to secondary school. The games, which give students a fun way to prepare for their new adventure, can be accessed from all devices at home or in the classroom. You can download a flyer to share with your school or read more about the games in our info sheet. Can you make it to the leaderboard? Play the games now!

In addition to this innovative resource to smooth the transition to secondary school, Aimhigher West Midlands has developed a range of activities and resources to introduce Key Stage 2 pupils to the concept of “university” and the exciting career and personal development opportunities it can offer.  Download our Move on Up booklet for Year 5 and 6 students, and use the search screen below to find activities for primary schools.

We also have some great 'Move on Up' stationery for students in year 6. If you would like some for your pupils, please get in touch.


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