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Choosing GCSE Options is the start of your journey into the future. GCSEs can open up a wide range of career options. Get it right and you are off to a great start, choose the wrong options and it can be difficult to get back on track later.

  • But what if you are interested in different career options?
  • Perhaps you feel you don’t know enough to decide?
  • Can you keep your options open, or do you need certain GCSEs for your chosen career?
  • Don’t worry….help is at hand!

The universities and colleges in the Aimhigher West Midlands partnership can help you to explore a variety of subject and career interests. Staff can come into your school to talk about how GCSE choices can affect your later options for study or training at 16 and 18, and the kinds of careers you might go on to enjoy.

We also produce some useful booklets and presentations that you might want to have a look at.

If you are interested in science, engineering, technology or maths, the booklet we produced as part of the 2014 British Science Festival is a good place to start. Download it here and see where science could take you!

If you don’t have a career in mind yet, DON’T WORRY! You can keep your options open, in fact that’s what most young people do. Have a look at our “Choosing GCSEs” presentation for some good tips and advice.