HE Progression — Aimhigher West Midlands

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The key strategic priority of the Aimhigher Plus Programme is to increase the higher education (HE) progression rates of target Aimhigher Plus students via engagement within a programme of interventions delivered by the partnership of universities and schools and colleges.

This report summarises findings from an initial descriptive analysis of the progression rates of two cohorts of Aimhigher learners and their HE progression rates (UCAS acceptance) in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 cycles. The evaluation employs a mixed methods approach to track the UCAS progression outcomes of a cohort over 1300 learners. A quasi-experimental design was employed where outcomes are compared between a treatment and non-treatment group of learners. This evidence is contextualised with a number of learner and school based case studies. The report summarises findings from phase 1 of the study and suggests that there is an association between dosage of engagement and HE progression outcomes. Phase two of this study is currently in progress and includes more rigorous statistical testing of these results. Later phases of the study will involve bringing more controls into the analysis (e.g. prior attainment, demographic and socio-economic characteristics).

Aimhigher Impact Evaluation Study (2020)