Creative Arts Careers Day - Aimhigher West Midlands

Creative Arts Careers Day

On Friday 8th February students visited the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) for a Creative Arts Careers Day.

Students had a presentation on the variety of careers that art can lead to. This was followed by a tour of the MAC and an interactive illustration workshop with an artist.

Take a look at what year 10 work experience student Tom thought of the event:

‘Today I went to the MAC in Birmingham for a UCB “Aim Higher” organised event which was an extremely creative way of trying to inspire students in year 9 and 10 to pursue arts and creative media. What I really enjoyed about the event was the fact that the people who organised it at UCB didn’t try to force you to take a career in arts later on like a lot of other careers events I have been to but instead they tried to get the students to have an open minds and to really think about what they wanted to do in later on in life and also show them why art is an amazing career choice.’

‘The artist himself had experience teaching and I felt he connected very well with the students, at the end he answered all the questions he was asked in depths, explaining various things like why and how he got into art, what his job includes and the benefits of being an artist.’

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