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Aimhigher supports the Government goal of improving the social mobility and higher education progression rates of disadvantaged groups targeted within the Uni Connect programme and Access and Participation Plans (APP’s).

The Office for Students (OfS) outline that partnerships need to evaluate the impact of their activities and build an evidence base to establish what works. The local Aimhigher research team have employed robust approaches to evaluate the impact of activities using both quantitative and qualitative designs.

Summarised here are a number of research reports, briefings and multi-media evidence that demonstrate the impact of the local programme on young students, schools and colleges.


Aimhigher Phase 2 Evaluation Plan


The Aimhigher evaluation plan outlines the approach and outcomes that the partnership will employ to establish the impact of the Uni Connect programme including ‘what works’ and in what contexts. The plan was recently reviewed by the Office for Students and rated as excellent and as representing sector leading practice. The plan has been shared widely across the sector.

The plan outlines how the partnership is triangulating both quantitative and qualitative approaches. This includes employing a quasi-experiment approach to evaluate the impact of the scheme by comparing outcomes of learners that have (intervention group) and have not (comparison group) engaged. The methodology employs a matched group design and addresses many of the gaps in previous research, such as lack of comparison groups / controls and poor sampling methods.

Download a copy of the evaluation plan here