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Looking After Yourself

The world can definitely feel a little scary and it’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed right now. Give your brain a break and look after your mental health by trying these:

  • Talk to someone about how you feel – a friend, family member, teacher, helpline
  • Have a break from social media
  • Use your phone settings to limit your screen time per day or use an app like ‘Hold’ or ‘Forest’ to help you stay focused
  • Limit yourself to only checking the news once or twice a day and try to get your information from reputable websites (e.g. the NHS and Government websites).
  • Distract yourself with lighthearted TV, Films or Podcasts
  • Start a new book you’ve wanted to read for a while
  • Practice Mindfulness with free apps such as: Headspace, Aura, Calm, Stop Breathe Think

You can find lots of other great tips and advice for looking after your mental health in the Young Minds blog.

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