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Top Tips for a Tidy Study Space

1. Pick one place

Designate one area as your study space. This can be the desk in your room or the kitchen table. Over time your brain will catch on that this is a place for studying and will enter ‘study mode’ upon entering the space.

2. Declutter

Make sure the space where your working in is organised. Don’t have anything out in your study space that you don’t need.

3. Get comfortable—but not too comfortable

Try not to study in bed. But if you have no other option try changing things around – e.g. don’t get under the sheets, sit in a different direction to how you sleep, make sure you’re sat up, change out of your pyjamas before you start studying. All of these things will give you brain another signal that it isn’t relaxing time, but study time.

4. Swap music for ambient noise

Some people like listening to music whilst they study. Songs can put you in a good mood, but if you’re paying more attention to the lyrics than the learning materials it can be counterproductive – plus it’s not something you’ll have in an exam room. If you feel as though you can’t study without music, try listening to something without lyrics like classical, jazz, or lofi hip hop.

5. Turn off your phone

When you’re studying your phone can be a big distraction and can affect your focus. Make sure your phone isn’t just turned over on your desk, turn it off or put it on silent in another room.

6. Remember to leave

Whenever possible, your study space should just be used for studying. Making it a designated study area will preserve its association with learning. Make sure once you’ve finished studying you leave your study space – this way your mind will realise it can take a break until the next session.

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